What I’ve learned in three years of marriage

Three years – that’s it? As we looked at our approaching anniversary date, we thought this year’s celebration would be a higher number. Having a kid definitely catalyzes your relationship; It feels like we’ve been tied together far longer, but I suppose this feeling isn’t a bad one. We’re used to marriage by now. We have graduated the honeymoon phase and the notorious adjustment period that follows. We’re not new, we’re not old. We’re just … married.

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Most of us are incredible parents, but we’d never know it

I’ve never had to be so opinionated until I became a mother; and at the same time, I’ve never encountered so little tolerance or empathy.

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Take – not get – your body back, moms

On the list of offensive comments new moms are used to hearing, most of them stay on the offensive list. But there’s one that has taken on a whole new meaning – in a good way – as we ring in my baby’s first birthday.  Continue reading “Take – not get – your body back, moms”

How happiness changes as I get older

In between slicing mangoes and toasting waffles – while making sure our collie isn’t stealing our labradoodle’s food like he always tries when I’m looking away –  I overhear on the morning news that it’s International Happiness Day!  My mind races to so many different thoughts on happiness. My baby boy is starting to whine out of impatience for the mangoes, and my dogs are … Continue reading How happiness changes as I get older

12 things I’ve learned in my baby’s first year

Month 1: Meal trains are everything, and Earth Angel New Mama Bottom Spray comes straight from the heavens (via Amazon Prime). Also, Amazon Prime is worth every penny, since getting out of the house with a newborn is a two-hour performance that results in six hours of subsequent exhaustion. Month 2: The fourth trimester is the most ironic time of your life, being both brutal and magical … Continue reading 12 things I’ve learned in my baby’s first year

How I feel about breastfeeding one year later

About half of mothers will be breastfeeding in our country by six months postpartum, and only one-third  will still be nursing by 12 months. This is far below the WHO’s recommendation that moms nurse their babies through the first two years at minimum

I’ll admit, those recent statistics – based off the 2016 Breastfeeding Report Card  – shocked me. I’m approaching my one-year goal of nursing, and as normal as it is in my circle to breastfeed, it was awakening to learn that I’m now standing alongside a minority of moms who are nursing into the second year.  Continue reading “How I feel about breastfeeding one year later”

On Parenthood: 11 months 

Our little man is as sweet, animated and mischievous as ever. This past month has been one exhausting game of chase, keeping up with his innocent curiosity and newly-acquired mobility. He has picked up some serious speed! Continue reading “On Parenthood: 11 months “