A season of change

When you marry into the military as I did, change becomes a consistency. Factor into this a post-deployment baby boom and the dreaded acronym PCS, and here we are moving across country while pregnant! 

Photo Credit: Just B Photography
Photo Credit: Just B Photography

Leaping into such unchartered waters inspired me to start this blog – to document this beautiful, crazy journey to share with my loved ones far and near; to connect with like-minded souls; and to hopefully spread a little laughter and joy.

I’ve always been one to seek change; I find it enchanting, contrary to stagnancy. Change allows us to grow and broaden our horizons. The goodbyes and closed chapters that come with change are truly difficult, but I find it hard to hide the excitement that comes with new beginnings. The more places one can go and the more people one can meet brings more memories to be treasured.

We are ready to trade in palm trees for cherry blossom, poke for crab, and sunshine for seasons: A hui hou, Hawaii! We’re off to Maryland.

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