Hawaii Dining: The Food Company

Rave Yelp reviews and recommendations from friends lured us to try The Food Co. located in Kailua’s Enchanted Lake Shopping Center. My husband has been trying to take me here for a long time, but I always declined because I had assumed it was more of a catering company. While it does offer catering, there is quite the  little restaurant inside. 

As it turns out, The Food Co. initially opened in 1996 and quickly became known for its plate lunches. The fine dining that we tried tonight didn’t come around until a recent expansion, according to their website. They’ve grown to offer pretty much everything – local style breakfast, fresh grab-and-go lunches, to fine dining by night.

Overall, I give it 3 stars. Selling points were the stellar service and nice atmosphere, but I had higher expectations for the food. I would go back to try their breakfast, but probably not for dinner.

2015-10-14 17.57.21
For a starter, we tried the Mini Seafood Tacos with roasted wild mushrooms, avocado emulsion, chipotle aioli. Isn’t it beautiful? The fresh catch featured tonight was opah and snapper. It was good but not great – something was missing. 
2015-10-14 18.01.19
My husband ordered some octopus for an appetizer. I opted to save room for our next course since I’m not a big fan of the texture, but he raved about this dish and said he would order it again.
2015-10-14 18.21.14
I enjoyed the Grilled Eggplant, Melted Tomato & Garlic Pasta for the main course. I wasn’t too crazy with how the eggplant was complementing the pasta in this dish, so I probably would try something different next time. The sauce was good but a little overpowering.
2015-10-14 18.21.53
My friend Stephanie tried the Fresh Fish Pasta with mixed veggies and garlic butter sauce for her main course. By the looks and her review, I think it’s safe to say she ordered the better pasta dish between the two of us! Plenty of veggies mixed in, and the fresh catch was opah and snapper.
2015-10-14 18.24.57
Hubby went off the menu and opted to try one of the specials shared by our server. It was a venison dish served with garlic mashed potatoes. He ate it within three minutes and gave it a big thumbs up.
2015-10-14 18.52.51
Dessert No. 1: Apple cobbler! It hit the spot. 
2015-10-14 18.53.00
Dessert No. 2: Flourless chocolate cake! It’s not Roy’s chocolate souffle, but it certainly warms your heart.


  1. I have a hard time following your judgement from start to finish. Only two dishes were sub-par in your book, your husband gobbled everything down in front of him, and then you finish it off by comparing them to Roy’s for their desert. Sounds like a solid 4 stars, and maybe higher because I have never enjoyed a single dish at Roy’s. Or drink. Abysmal bartending.

    But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.


    1. Thanks for sharing! Would love to hear your thoughts when you try it. Clarification: the three stars were from me, not my husband. He gobbles down everything 🙂 In my taste, Roy’s is one of my favorites. So comparing to their chocolate soufflé was indeed a hard standard to match in my opinion.


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