7 faces dogs make that trick you into thinking they’re human

They’re probably at least part human, right? 

2015-10-12 07.53.07
The slightly startled face: usually upon hearing a loud noise that disrupts a good nap, they turn to you with fear. You catch yourself talking to them about how everything’s okay, going on a tangent about how cool thunderstorms and fireworks actually are.
2015-10-12 09.03.24
The smile: Yes, dogs smile. Sometimes they smile randomly, other times they smile because they know you’re smiling. When all is happy, you can’t help but run over and hug them. They’ll celebrate with you even though they have no idea what’s so exciting to you.
2015-10-12 09.10.42-3
Kisses. Dog totally try to kiss like humans; they target your lips, nose and ears. My dog even tries to pucker his lips, see? Some think it’s gross, I think it’s cute.
2015-10-14 08.17.53
The sleepy face: Dogs, who graduate from puppyhood, don’t want to wake up in the morning just like lazy children. You can’t help but laugh and tell them how it’s time to get up – as if they have some important human agenda ahead.
2015-10-14 09.11.23
The frown: Dogs can get upset and show disappointment like children do. Most likely they’re pissed you haven’t given them a walk yet, which fills you with guilt as you run to get the leash. All because of a simple look. 
The pillow prop: When dogs start seeking out pillows and blankets on their own, you’re really convinced that they’re at least part human if you weren’t before. 
What did you just say? No, I didn’t chew your shoes, you crazy owner! Dogs react to your tone of voice just like humans, making it totally acceptable to have full on conversations with them, right? 

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