Cross-Country Journey Complete

After 5,559 miles traveled through 5 timezones 3,001 of which we drove and 2,558 of which were flown over the Pacific – we are finally putting our travels to rest.

We explored 15 cities in 13 states, stopping at 9 hotels with 7 pieces of luggage, only encountering 1 police stop and thankfully 0 car troubles.

My favorite stop:  The stretch from Arizona to New Mexico. Everything from the Grand Canyon, small town of Flagstaff to the rich culture and history of New Mexico just had me hooked. IMG_1095

His favorite stop: Vegas – for its food, eccentricity, luxury and surprising diversity of things to do besides party.IMG_9280

Best Shopping: New Mexico. The art, jewelry and goods found in cities like Albuquerque and Santa Fe are truly unique. IMG_1228

My favorite food: Soul food from Nexus Brewery in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich and Mac n Cheese at Nexus Brewery, Albuquerque

His favorite food: Farm-to-table from The Silver Dollar in Louisville, Kentucky.

Pecan and praline encrusted trout over pureed sweet potatoes with a cranberry compote and garnished with fried kale – The Silver Dollar

Best Lodging: Candlewood Suites! These rooms have kitchenettes, a large wrap-around desk for extra space, modern decor, and dogs are allowed. The pet fee is manageable, too,  at $10-$15 per night. I also appreciated that their housekeeping does not bother you daily – which I personally find unnecessary. They have a policy of “minimal intrusions, maximum clean.”

Would we do it again yes? But, we’re so not traveling anywhere for a while.

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