A New Years Resolution

I adore New Years. It is one of my favorite holidays. The idea of starting anew is a beautiful concept, whether it is because we want to leave a year of pain and difficulty behind or because we are looking ahead to a year of bountiful blessings and joy. Change is exciting.  Continue reading “A New Years Resolution”


How I celebrate Christmas outside of the church

My childhood holds fond memories of lighting the purple and pink advent candles and picking out an outfit for Christmas mass. As a kid, I went through the motions not necessarily understanding the deeper meaning of Christmas, or organized religion at large. But one thing I did take away was the gift of love and its ability to move mountains during this time of year.  Continue reading “How I celebrate Christmas outside of the church”

Traditional etiquette is very much alive, and millennials should learn it

From wondering if you’re allowed to bring a plus one to your friend’s wedding to hoping your text message counts as a formal RSVP, etiquette is incredibly important for us twenty-somethings navigating the decade of job interviews, weddings and baby showers galore. Yet, traditional etiquette has gotten somewhat lost in today’s digital world, where we exchange texts more than face time. We just don’t talk about it as much as we should, making these types of events more awkward than they need to be.  Continue reading “Traditional etiquette is very much alive, and millennials should learn it”