Six things expectant moms are tired of hearing from experienced moms

I don’t know what I would do without my network of inspiring super moms, but there are some common, repeated words of wisdom that I can do without as I near my third trimester. Expectant Moms - 700 x 300

  1. You think you’re tired now? Just wait:  Ok, we know we don’t understand what we’re getting into, but it is entirely possible for child-less individuals to experience fatigue. This comment implies that just because we don’t have children we have a plethora of spare time to nap and bask in pajamas. *Sigh. When you say you’re exhausted as two kids tug at your ankles, we totally believe you. But give us the benefit of the doubt when we kick our swollen pregnant ankles up on the couch after a long day’s work, too.
  2. Don’t buy baby clothes, especially the small sizes: I think experienced moms forget that new moms are starting from scratch. If I don’t buy clothes, even the small ones, then my baby will have nothing to wear when I take him home. It is well-intended advice, but new mommas need to start somewhere, and these comments take the innocent fun out of buying those first, cute NB outfits.
  3. I know you don’t want unsolicited advice, but … : No, actually I do! Am I the only new momma who wishes other moms felt more comfortable openly sharing their experiences? There is a big difference between giving advice and pushing ideals, and I think sometimes women are quick to lump well-intentioned mommy talk under the latter, when really, open discussion is a positive thing. When women are candid and honest about motherhood and birthing experiences it only enhances our much-needed support network. Please, keep the real talk coming and don’t apologize for it!
  4. The glucose test is the worst: Never has anything been so falsely hyped up in my life. What was passed down to me: You will be forced to chug a repulsive potion before being poked at for your blood. Reality: Leisurely sip on a fruity beverage for five minutes. Chill for an hour, and then get your blood drawn just like every other time in your life you’ve ever gotten lab work.
  5. Are you ready for explosive diapers? Insert random tangent about baby poop: Umm … Is anyone ever ready for that?
  6. Travel with your hubby now, you won’t be able to once you’re parents: I mean first of all, who really feels like traveling while pregnant? I dread the thought of traveling on my 20-minute bladder with round-the-clock aches and pains. This modern “baby moon” thing is over the top. Please stop telling us to run off like our due date marks the death of our relationship. It’s a bit dramatic. Besides, every couple is different. Traveling is something that my husband and I have always prioritized, and so by the time we got pregnant, nothing sounded better than putting the mai tai’s down and settling in for a change. Encourage couples to travel, dream and make plans together – yes – but without the pressure that it’s “now or never.” It’s not, unless you really believe that, and then it becomes your reality.

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