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My birthday will never be the same

Last year's birthday couldn't be more different than this year's. Sean was deployed, though due to come home soon. After 7 months apart I was fully adjusted to doing my thing. I was rocking the job of my dreams, surrounded by dear friends-turned-family, with plenty of spare time to pursue my own passions. Everything was on my terms – keyword: my.  Then… Continue reading My birthday will never be the same

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My top pregnancy cravings, weird and wonderful

By far the most popular question throughout my pregnancy has been "What are you craving?"  I hated this question in my first trimester when a more appropriate ask would have been "What are your aversions?" Nothing sounded good except for chicken noodle soup as waves of nausea plagued me. Around 12 weeks, my appetite kicked… Continue reading My top pregnancy cravings, weird and wonderful

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Modern guide to baby shit

I never imagined that shopping for our little one would be such a learning curve. When people graciously started asking what I needed, I buckled down and started a registry with the help of pre-made checklists available online, but they were still overwhelming. The toughest part was not only refining these lists to trim off the unnecessary, but also… Continue reading Modern guide to baby shit

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8 things about pregnancy I didn’t see coming: part III

Blogging through the unexpected while I am expecting has helped me see how much I've grown. I have gained confidence that was lacking in my early days of pregnancy, when I was fixated on all the scary new changes, stressing over the what ifs, struggling to find my intuition.  The lists of "things I didn't see coming" from my first and… Continue reading 8 things about pregnancy I didn’t see coming: part III

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If I don’t win the lottery, I’ll still be rich

"Good luck," my sister and I competitively tell each other two hours before the $1.5 billion lottery draw. Third time around is the charm, right?  It's thrilling to play in this record-breaking jackpot even though the odds are highly stacked against us winning. We as humans instinctively seek security, and a lifetime of money = security. But it's… Continue reading If I don’t win the lottery, I’ll still be rich

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Why I’m glad I married “young”

Marriage in your twenties wasn't always considered "too young," but that is how people reacted two years ago when they saw the ring on my finger at 24. Today, only 26% of millennials are married before the age of 32, which is the lowest percentage of any generation before us. For Gen X.,  36% tied the knot before 32.… Continue reading Why I’m glad I married “young”

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Are today’s mothers too sensitive?

I recently read an awesome blog on HuffPost Parents about a proposed New Years Resolution for mommas "to be less offended in 2016." The blog pokes fun of how parents today can be quick to ward off unsolicited comments as out of line, when most of the time such commentary is well-intended.  I've already experienced a glimpse… Continue reading Are today’s mothers too sensitive?