The countdown continues: 34 weeks

The weeks are flying by, but the days feel slow. For a person who gets ancy waiting more than 10 minutes in line at Starbucks, waiting nine months to meet my son is asking a lot.  Continue reading “The countdown continues: 34 weeks”


Tracing our roots: my family history

I come from a big family scattered across the states. Growing up I was told that I was about one-quarter Italian, Russian, Scottish and English. This  knowledge was satisfying enough until I married Sean, and we decided to grow our own family. Then, I began to crave a deeper understanding of my roots so that I would be able to pass our family heritage forward.  700 x 300 Continue reading “Tracing our roots: my family history”

Treasuring this journey: 33 weeks pregnant

I want to fast forward through these remaining weeks so that I can meet my son, but at the same time I don’t want to overlook these beautiful fast-escaping moments of pregnancy. So, I decided to turn my weekly bump selfie into a more detailed update, forcing myself to slow down and appreciate all that my body is doing right now.  Continue reading “Treasuring this journey: 33 weeks pregnant”

Why we should stop assuming there is a perfect time for everything

“I just don’t think I’m ready.”

Many of us know this feeling all too well, typically before curveballs or major crossroads in our lives. To some extent, I think we are being groomed to feel this hesitation when we so often hear “You will just know when the timing is right. You’ll feel it.”  Continue reading “Why we should stop assuming there is a perfect time for everything”

How I stopped fearing childbirth

When I first discovered news of the little miracle growing inside of me, I almost passed out from anxiety at the thought of having to actually deliver the baby. At that point in time, I never, ever, would’ve pictured myself coming to a place of such confidence or excitement about giving birth, but as it turns out, childbirth is not a medical crisis, emergency or ailment. It’s actually quite normal and fascinating.  Continue reading “How I stopped fearing childbirth”