The best Valentine’s date ever

I have celebrated Valentine’s Day single, with wine, with chocolate, with my dog, and with my husband. They’ve all been great dates. My favorite date, however, is chocolate. Here are the best affairs with chocolate I’ve ever had … 

  1. Orange Chocolate – My grandma used to send me heart-shaped orange chocolates as a kid for Valentine’s Day. I remember being skeptical at first of such a combination, until of course I tried them. The hint of citrus from the orange paired with the creamy sweet chocolate is an unexpected match made in heaven. Proof that opposites attract. I’ve only ever had orange chocolate from Platters in New York, pictured below. We have a very loyal relationship.

  2. Chocolate sponge candy – My first taste of sponge candy comes from my roots in Buffalo, NY. Think of aerated toffee smothered in chocolate. It’s crunchy, yet it melts in your mouth at the same time. Not many people seem to know of this candy, but don’t let its humble nature and quiet reputation scare you away. You can usually get it covered in milk, dark or orange chocolate. The milk chocolate is classic.
  3. Chocolate buckeyes – A staple from living in Ohio, buckeyes are a simple delicacy – peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate. This classic and beloved combination makes you feel giddy like a kid again.
  4. Manoa Chocolate Hawaii – Hawaii opened my taste buds to the dark side of chocolate. The islands are the only state in the nation that can grow cacao, and so I began leaving my sugary milk chocolate days in exchange for the purity of dark chocolate. Manoa Chocolate Hawaii was my go-to, particularly for their dark chocolate lavender and dark chocolate goat milk bars.
  5. Donkey Balls – Famous from the Big Island in Hawaii, these taste so much better than they sound. Delectable chocolate covered macadamia nuts, they are perfection. My personal favorite are the flaky balls with added coconut.

This is what true love tastes like, my friends.

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