Treasuring this journey: 33 weeks pregnant

I want to fast forward through these remaining weeks so that I can meet my son, but at the same time I don’t want to overlook these beautiful fast-escaping moments of pregnancy. So, I decided to turn my weekly bump selfie into a more detailed update, forcing myself to slow down and appreciate all that my body is doing right now. 

IMG_1798So here I am, 33 weeks along. It is incredible to think that I am just seven weeks away from my due date, but even more intense to think that in just four short weeks, I will be considered full-term. We could very well have a March baby, it all just depends on when Ivan decides he is ready. I have a feeling he will come sooner than later as my tiny torso is not leaving him much room. This hunch is leading me to prepare as quickly as I can, packing our hospital bag and triple checking our stockpile of newborn essentials.

At 33 weeks, babies in the womb are estimated to be around 18 inches long, weighing anywhere from 4-6 pounds. Babies at this stage can open their eyes when they are awake. They are also fine tuning their immune systems, practicing breathing, sucking and swallowing, and of course, still growing.

I am feeling anxious, emotional, tired, and uncomfortable, and he’s all I can really think about. My most annoying symptom right now is probably “pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel.” Yeah, it’s a thing. My hands hurt.

At my last check-up, Ivan was already in the head down birthing position. This little tidbit of news in and of itself makes me so excited, knowing that he is getting ready for his birthday just as much as I am.

Sean and I are “graduating” this week from our series of natural childbirth courses, and it has been so nice to socialize with other expectant couples especially since we are new to town. These meetings are in addition to tons of support we’ve been receiving from our amazing doula, who is walking this journey with us every step of the way. At this point, we’re both feeling confident about labor and have long let go of any previous fears we had. We’re so ready.

These days you can catch me waddling my way through prenatal yoga classes, walking a shelter dog as part of a new volunteer gig, cleaning every corner of our home, reading about anything and everything pertaining to parenthood, and indulging in at least one dessert a day.

You can catch Sean putting together last minute baby items, rubbing my belly to catch Ivan’s kicks, working on his dad bod with his newly-organized man cave, and squeezing in as much video game time as he can before diaper duty.

He has been trying to lure me on a last-minute baby moon, wanting to take a day trip to DC or Baltimore, but I’ve lost my second-trimester wind of energy and have been feeling more comfortable as a home body these days. I pee a lot, burp a lot, and get tired quickly. When I’m not burping or peeing, I’m trying to catch my breath, as baby is really starting to crowd my internal organs. It’s safe to say that this is the least sexy I’ve felt in a long time, but putting on make up or cute outfits to counter that feels like way too much to ask.

I joke to Sean that I feel like a big round blueberry, and he responds by telling me “Yes, you do kind of look like a blueberry, especially when you wear your purple glasses.”

Needless to say,  I know this blueberry phase will be totally worth it.IMG_1768






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