How being a dog mom has prepared me for a tiny human

Totally not the same, but not that different either … 


  1. I experienced all nighters – The high-pitched screeching was enough to make you cry after 10 minutes straight. But when it continues literally all night as puppy adjusts to being away from his mom and litter, you can’t help but feel like you have a newborn on your hands as you adjust your sleep schedule to resemble that of a new parent.
  2. I had my ankles bitten, hair tugged and face scratched – the teething phase and playful observations = watch out for puppy paws and nibbles. Now I am prepared for little, sticky baby fingers that will surely tug at my glasses, hair and jewelry. I got this.
  3. I obsessed over pee and poop schedules and consistencies – I actually had a chart on my fridge of how often Werkley was peeing and pooping when we were trying to potty train him. I wanted to do everything I could to get him outside in time for those damn potty squats that would come out of nowhere.  And if the color or texture changed, I was googling it within seconds to make sure it was OK.
  4. 551176_3779419970517_660479287_nI worried I wasn’t teaching enough or communicating right – I convinced Sean we should sign him up for puppy school, as I obsessed over wanting to ensure he had socialization skills and good manners. I would read blogs on best ways to train and communicate with your puppy – preparations which resemble all too closely the parenting prep I’m doing now for our little one.
  5. My heart melted over the tiniest of milestones – Look how big he is getting! Oh my gosh, he can sit, lay and stay! Somebody graduated from puppy food to adult food! He just lost a tooth! Yup, all worth celebrating.
  6. I have cleaned up pee, poop and vomit – and they say it’s worse when it comes from a canine.
  7. My whole world changed – Weekends were exciting because we could finally carve out time to take him to the dog park, and bed time wasn’t right unless he was at our feet. In no time, he wasn’t just a dog; he became our baby.

Puppy parenthood definitely helps.


  1. This is so true! I get made fun of at work for being the resident “dog mom” and I have had numerous conversations with people about how bringing home a dog (even adopting ad adult as I did) is so similar to bringing home a baby. Gone were the days when I could stay out without regard for time, or sleep in until I felt like it, or even have friends over without considering Jack’s schedule or his needs. It really is a whole new world! That being said, I’m also told by parents of pets and babies that the babies are much more work! Congratualtions as you prepare for your newest edition!

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    1. Glad I’m not alone!! I love how you are known at work as the dog mom! I tell all my friends and family that our fur baby will always be my “first born,” hehe! Cheers to puppy parenthood 🙂


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