The countdown continues: 34 weeks

The weeks are flying by, but the days feel slow. For a person who gets ancy waiting more than 10 minutes in line at Starbucks, waiting nine months to meet my son is asking a lot. 

700 x 300
I run from the question “When are you due?” because I am trying to get in the mindset that it could be any time – on Ivan’s terms. It’s a hard question to escape with a belly as noticeable as mine, though, so I respond vaguely with a smile … “just about one more month!”

For fun, Sean and I made a bet on when Ivan will come. I guessed March 28, he guessed March 23 – ironically the same date that my mom guessed, when the next full moon comes.  Some theorize that full moons bring about more babies than during any other cycle of the moon. One of the fun parts of the third trimester is reading about wives tales like this when it comes to labor – and my goodness, there are tons.

I’m starting to have visions of my labor. They are positive visions, thankfully. Our goal is to labor at home for as long as possible, with the help of our doula, so that by the time we check into the hospital we will be close to meeting our boy. My plan is to let my body take the reins and deliver naturally, but at the same time, I’ve accepted the fact that I cannot predict what will happen. I’m prepared for anything with this odd, calm sense of fearlessness that has taken over.

I’ve found that my appetite has actually decreased, along with my energy. Fatigue and lack of hunger are both symptoms that take me back to the  first trimester; people were right in warning me that the second trimester is the best. Now, my powers of nesting have been replaced by napping, and my motivation for healthy eating has been replaced by dessert cravings. It doesn’t help that the Girl Scouts have started selling their cookies.

At this point, it’s a fine balance of pushing myself and also being gentle with myself.

480Sean’s excitement is starting to shine through. He has been more supportive with little gestures like getting my water when I’m too lazy to get it and also offering massages, hallelujah. Major props to him, too, on installing our car seat properly. We had a free inspection at our sheriff’s department, and she was “very impressed” with how secure it was. Turns out the manual for the car seat was the confusing part, not the car seat itself. We got this!

We “graduated” from childbirth classes and got to practice changing a diaper on our last day. I was pretty excited to learn that diapers have a line that tell you when they are wet. GENIUS! (Can you tell we’re new at this?) We will be starting off with disposable and then giving cloth a shot. I never thought I would be saying that, but that was before I did my research and learned that cloth diapers are not just rags hanging by safety pins. Modern cloth diapering has come a long way, and even the busiest of moms claim that it’s nothing more than an extra load of laundry each week. We’ll give it a try!

Diapering … more than you wanted to know, I get it. Warning: this is what happens when you get pregnant. Your world transforms.








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