Get this baby out: week 39

In the past couple of entries I shared that Sean and I were finding patience and trust in that our baby boy will come when he is ready. Yeah. I hit a turning point. Get this baby out of me!  Continue reading “Get this baby out: week 39”


This is really happening: week 38

I have been so focused on the countdown to meeting our boy, I haven’t had a chance to live in the moment of it all. This week it has hit me; he’s really coming – any day now. The emotions are catching up to me, and I suddenly have all the feels. Sean is right there with me, expressing how anxious he is to be a dad; I can’t wait to see him hold baby Ivan for the first time.  Continue reading “This is really happening: week 38”

A bundle of joy, and a pair of diamond earrings?

I had no idea that there was a such thing as a “push present” until I hit my third trimester and stumbled upon it reading random articles. Apparently, it’s a thing – hubby buys a generous gift to mark the occasion of mama carrying and pushing the baby out. No one really knows how this tradition started, but it has been gaining popularity in the past decade.  Continue reading “A bundle of joy, and a pair of diamond earrings?”

Normalized newborn care that goes against science

To my surprise, these science-backed tips that help mama and baby in the delivery room have to be requested in today’s health care system; they are not assumed protocol for hospital births. In light of my gratitude for other mamas enlightening me, I’m passing it forward to other mamas to consider as well.  Continue reading “Normalized newborn care that goes against science”