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A bundle of joy, and a pair of diamond earrings?

I had no idea that there was a such thing as a "push present" until I hit my third trimester and stumbled upon it reading random articles. Apparently, it's a thing - hubby buys a generous gift to mark the occasion of mama carrying and pushing the baby out. No one really knows how this… Continue reading A bundle of joy, and a pair of diamond earrings?

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Mama to mama -how to prep for labor

Experiencing pregnancy for the first time, I had no idea how to "approach" the third trimester. I've slowly been learning all the tips from others who have waddled through this seemingly never-ending trimester before me.  Squats Strengthen your pelvic floor and build endurance Decrease lower back and pelvic pains Encourage baby to naturally descend Leaning forward (on an… Continue reading Mama to mama -how to prep for labor

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It’s on baby’s terms: 36 weeks

This week, I've accepted that baby Ivan will come when he is ready. I let go of the impatience that has been creeping in these past few weeks - I have to in order to keep my sanity.  I've shifted my focus away from the pregnancy a bit. Moving across the country mid-pregnancy meant that I lost my… Continue reading It’s on baby’s terms: 36 weeks

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Normalized newborn care that goes against science

To my surprise, these science-backed tips that help mama and baby in the delivery room have to be requested in today's health care system; they are not assumed protocol for hospital births. In light of my gratitude for other mamas enlightening me, I'm passing it forward to other mamas to consider as well.  Sedentary delivery: Best way for baby to arrive is… Continue reading Normalized newborn care that goes against science

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Top trimester survival tips

What I know now that I didn't before ...  First Trimester Don't rush your first ultrasound:  I went to my first appointment full of excitement only to leave terribly worried. My OB gave me a  concerning "hmm," as she looked at a tiny yolk sac, noting that I only looked five weeks along when calculations were saying I should… Continue reading Top trimester survival tips