It’s on baby’s terms: 36 weeks

This week, I’ve accepted that baby Ivan will come when he is ready. I let go of the impatience that has been creeping in these past few weeks – I have to in order to keep my sanity. 

I’ve shifted my focus away from the pregnancy a bit. Moving across the country mid-pregnancy meant that I lost my job in support of Sean’s transfer. While other pregnant mamas maintain their work to keep them busy, I have had to re-define this aspect of my life. It is still a work in progress, but these past few weeks I have picked up freelance writing, putting to use my journalism degree, and I’ve also stepped up my volunteerism, doing social media and public relations for a local dog shelter. This has been a much-needed reminder that I can pursue my own passions without any sacrifice to my new identity as a mother.

This week is a milestone! It’s when the medical check-ups are in full swing, increasing from every other week to weekly until the birth. Reaching this point always felt so far away, but now that it’s here and I’m on the lookout for labor signs, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for all that my body has been able to do in nurturing new life.

Babies at 36 weeks are STILL growing – which explains why I can no longer bend over to put shoes on, sit with my legs crossed, or fit comfortably in the car without bumping into the steering wheel. I’m still dealing with the pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel, and I feel swollen all around. The congestion that has plagued me since the second trimester is still bugging me, too. Most noticeable these days is the frequency of pains and cramps in my pelvic region. I’m told these could be Braxton Hicks contractions, or just the added pressure of, you know, a human in my belly. I’m not sleeping very well and my belly is getting itchy as it stretches to the max.

Emotionally, I’m much more relaxed, which is odd. I’m procrastinating the remaining to-do’s; though, the remaining to-do’s are more “niceties” than necessities – like making a birthing playlist (there’s always Pandora), prepping 31 frozen crockpot meals (hello take-out), and researching more on breastfeeding and baby wearing. Honestly, I feel like I’ve hit capacity when it comes to baby prep. I just want to let things unfold as they happen now. I think I just made “lazy” sound nice. Is this a labor sign? Slacking?

Sean has been pretty relaxed as well; we’re both in this sort of “calm before the storm” trance as we absorb the last few weeks of quiet. We’ve been trying to go on fun dates to pass our dwindling weekends before parenthood takes over. Lesson learned: do not go bowling in the third trimester. Between my swollen, achey hands and my off-balance center of gravity, it was pretty obnoxious trying to bowl with decent form. Needless to say, Sean won –  by a lot.


  1. Have you found a pediatrician? That was the last thing on our to-do list. We kept putting it off and then I was unexpectedly induced! I remember my husband sitting in the room on the laptop looking up doctors. 🙂

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    1. We do have a pediatrician! I was crazy nesting in the second trimester (and had way too much time on my hands since we just moved and it put me out of my job), and so I jumped ahead with a lot of baby prep. I almost wish that my “nesting” didn’t kick in until now so I would have more to do these last few weeks! Eeek!


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