The glamor is fading: week 37

To be completely candid, there is little fun in being this pregnant anymore. But I am so enjoying the spring weather. Hello, week 37! 

The swelling and pain in my hands is getting worse, and it has spread to my knees, ankles and feet. I don’t feel “all belly” anymore, as I’ve tipped the scale of my projected weight gain by 10 pounds and counting, making my once roomy maternity wardrobe now feel snug. This big belly is itchy and in the way of everything, and I get heartburn easily.

But the hardest part is not the physical discomfort; it is the emotional strain. I’m tired but awake; focused yet distracted; motivated but drained; prepared and unprepared all at once. I just want to see him, hear him, smell him, and hold him. I want to know who he is beyond the little mysterious moocher who has been stationed in my womb since July. The anticipation has grown from exhilarating to exhausting.

The good news? Labor is around the corner, and babies at 37 weeks are considered “full term.” Signs of labor? No, and none that I would expect right now since he technically still has a few weeks of cooking. But I am officially on the lookout for what to expect each day that passes.

My weekly check-up went well, but I’m still being monitored for borderline low platelet counts. I’m putting to practice the “prepare for any scenario” advice since I’ve learned there is a decent chance my midwife will be out of town when I go into labor. I have been so passionate about delivering with a midwife this entire time, but I may very well wind up with a doctor on-call instead. While this bums me out, I’m confident that Ivan will arrive when and how he is supposed to, and I’m putting my trust out into the universe.

Sean and I will be going to an infant CPR course offered by our hospital this week. Safety first! This is the last formal “baby prep” we have on our list.  Other than that, hospital bag is packed, car seat is installed, pediatrician is lined up, and my super awesome insurance-covered Spectra S2 breast pump is on its way to my doorstep.

Even though I’ve been feeling more tired this trimester,  my energy level is picking back up for bouts of nesting. I found it necessary to mop our floors not once – but twice – in one day, as well as wash all of our pillows and linens. I also scrubbed our couches and plan to tackle cleaning out the fridge next. And with the weather warming up to the 60s and 70s, I  raked the backyard and set up our patio furniture that has been in storage, not without suffering a few spider bites. It is amazing how much I can accomplish when nesting instincts kick my pregnant kankles into gear.

And as for Sean, well he is still sleeping through the night comfortably contrary to my bouts of insomnia. He is just as anxious and excited as I am, but in his typical calm state – a quality I know will come in handy once labor really does kick in. He thinks Ivan is coming sooner than later, but only because he can’t believe how big my belly is now. As uncomfortable is it is, I really do love my big belly and catch myself rubbing it all the time these days.


  1. Good luck and Congratulations, it is an amazing and rewarding journey! I too planned to have a natural birth but unfortunately circumstances led to an emergency c section. It’s great to be prepared because in all the chaos, I was able to stay fairly calm. I have a Spectra breast pump and I love it! If you haven’t already, I would recommend a hands free pumping bra. I purchased a Simple Wishes one off amazon, and I love it. It’s great for when baby needs to be held or tended to and you need to pump.

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