Get this baby out: week 39

In the past couple of entries I shared that Sean and I were finding patience and trust in that our baby boy will come when he is ready. Yeah. I hit a turning point. Get this baby out of me! 

I’m seriously uncomfortable. I can manage one big task a day, but then I’m out cold with a needed nap –  sleeping through the night is a joke.

Physically, I feel like a puff pastry. Carpal tunnel in my hands is much worse, my feet are swollen to the point that they feel bruised, and I suddenly have weak knees and a super achey back from walking even the shortest distance. This makes me worry about how I’m going to labor effectively when it hurts to put weight onto my hands, knees and feet; I don’t feel as strong as I had hoped I would, but I’ve been reading positive birth stories to keep my morale up.

One thing that is promising is a sudden increase in Braxton Hick’s contractions; at least my body is practicing! They feel like waves of tightening that take over my whole stomach, which is not at all what I expected. I always figured they would be more blatantly painful.

Emotionally, I’m also weighed down. I just don’t feel the whole “glow” of this journey anymore, and I would be lying if I said that I felt great. I think my restlessness is growing obvious to those closest to me, who keep checking in and asking if I’m OK. This entire pregnancy I adored the extra attention, but now I try to avoid it. I think this is the introvert in me coming out, in which I re-fuel best by turning inward.

My weekly appointment went well, and I was reminded that the average length of pregnancy for first-time moms is 41 weeks! So I’m trying to harness some patience to get  through what could potentially be another two weeks, while at the same time being prepared for labor to start at any moment.

It is a challenging time to say the least.

On a comical note, I have outgrown my maternity wardrobe and I seriously struggle with finding things to wear in public. So, my advice to moms earlier along: buy some baggier options to get you through the last stretch. I thought I could live in leggings and jeggings, but the swelling from my calves, ankles and feet says otherwise. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, I have a rush order of compression socks coming my way.


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