Conquered: My biggest fears about being a stay-at-home mom


I started this blog when I learned that my husband and I were expecting, just two months before our cross-country move. This marked the start of an exciting journey, but also  a tough goodbye as I left 3.5 years of hard work behind me, saying goodbye to a career I had tirelessly advanced in a community I adored. Continue reading “Conquered: My biggest fears about being a stay-at-home mom”


What being a military spouse is really like

I don’t really think of myself as a military spouse. I think of myself as a wife – perhaps because I don’t know any other life. To me, marriage has always been and will always be marked by dreaded bouts of distance followed by highly emotional homecomings, too many acronyms to be considered English, a transient “home” from one station to the next, and dirty boots and uniforms that acquire too much closet space. This is just my norm as a wife.  Continue reading “What being a military spouse is really like”

On Parenthood: one month old

The last time I celebrated monthly anniversaries was many, many years ago during my juvenile dating days. Then life happened; I grew up, got married, and suddenly celebrating love on monthly markers grew silly. That is until last month, when I met the greatest love of of all – my baby boy. It has reignited that giddy desire to celebrate the tiniest of milestones. And so, today I pause to revel in my baby’s first month.  Continue reading “On Parenthood: one month old”