On Parenthood: one month old

The last time I celebrated monthly anniversaries was many, many years ago during my juvenile dating days. Then life happened; I grew up, got married, and suddenly celebrating love on monthly markers grew silly. That is until last month, when I met the greatest love of of all – my baby boy. It has reignited that giddy desire to celebrate the tiniest of milestones. And so, today I pause to revel in my baby’s first month. 

We made it! Not without immense help from family, friends and neighbors. Month one has been filled with exhaustion, diapers, spit up, laughter, fear, love, laundry, ice cream, and lots and lots of breast milk. We are feeling the broadest range of emotions, from completely overjoyed to utterly overwhelmed as we muster what little energy we have from one diaper change to the next. Every poo and pee is totally worth it as we embrace the peaceful moments snuggling this perfect, tiny combination of the two of us. It’s a surreal feeling, and our emotions on becoming parents are still catching up to us.

We can’t believe how quickly he is growing, topping the charts in all three categories of weight, height and head size. He is comfortably wearing size 0-3 month, even some 3-6, having outgrown size newborn after just one week. We are working on teaching him the difference between night and day, though most activities and outings put him right back to sleep. He is more curious by the day as we catch him staring at lights and ceiling fans. He’s also teasing us  with lots of “reflex smiles,” and we can’t wait for his first, real smile to follow suit. Our favorite past time is dancing together in the kitchen to reggae music.

Baby Likes: Snuggles, lots of naps in the Rock n Play, mommy’s breast milk, music, Halo SleepSacks, bouncing on mom and dad’s knees, being burped, swinging, grabbing mommy’s fingers, staring at ceiling fans, babywearing, warm baths (NOT sponge baths), car rides, peeing on mom, and lots of tummy time by lying against mom and dad’s chest.

Baby Dislikes: Diaper changes, being cold, sponge baths, doctor check-ups, gas, sleeping in any one position too long, lying flat (especially in the giant, scary crib), being swaddled with arms inside, getting dressed/undressed, Boppy pillows.




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