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Dads: so much more than “the fun ones”

Fatherhood looks so different from one family to the next, but if there is one annoying generalization most moms can agree on it's that their partners are just the "fun ones," or, the "babysitter dads."  Dads are so much more than this surface-level figure in a child's life, and we don't honor this deeper side of… Continue reading Dads: so much more than “the fun ones”

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We can calculate our pregnancies, but not our babies

There's an app for everything from tracking our fertility, comparing our growing bumps to weird fruits and vegetables, and timing our contractions during labor. Then after we have the baby, the temptation to calculate only continues with apps for logging nursing sessions, sleep patterns, wet diapers, and more. So. many. logs.  While I enjoyed being able to… Continue reading We can calculate our pregnancies, but not our babies

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5 things during pregnancy I would’ve done differently

There are a lot of bucket lists already out there for first time pregnant moms - but I found many of them overwhelming. Looking back, here are the simplest things I wish I would've done more of. Do all the adult things: There are two kinds of pregnant: The glorious, glowing kind and the holy-shit-I'm-a-hot-mess kind. I… Continue reading 5 things during pregnancy I would’ve done differently

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On Parenthood: two months old

This second month has been mostly about me. Physically, I have recovered from childbirth, which has given me the energy to step into motherhood without the crutch of others' help. It has been a whirlwind of an adventure that has deepened my one-on-one connection with him. The way he grips my finger and melts in my arms because I'm… Continue reading On Parenthood: two months old

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Moms: we are contradicting ourselves

Moms, we need each other. We need someone who understands what it is like to live on cold coffee and rows of oreos during breastfeeding binges. We need that person who we can text at 3 a.m. to keep us going through those late-night feedings, and who totally understands what we mean when we call… Continue reading Moms: we are contradicting ourselves