5 things during pregnancy I would’ve done differently

There are a lot of bucket lists already out there for first time pregnant moms – but I found many of them overwhelming. Looking back, here are the simplest things I wish I would’ve done more of.

  1. Do all the adult things: There are two kinds of pregnant: The glorious, glowing kind and the holy-shit-I’m-a-hot-mess kind. I always felt like I more closely aligned with the latter, as I was hit with fatigue that turned me into a couch potato. Therefore,  outings rarely appealed to me. My poor husband would suggest simple dates to the movie theatre and I would shrug it off in favor of the comforts of staying in. But looking back, I do wish I would’ve drank a little coffee and  moved my ass off the couch a bit more. Now, leaving the house is an errand requiring 16 pairs of hands.
  2. Splurge at the spa: I never felt like I deserved spa days. It’s a luxurious expense and doesn’t fall under “necessities” in the budget. I finally caved and got a prenatal massage at 39 weeks and went into labor a few days later. Boy, do I wish I would’ve prioritized self-love more during my pregnancy. Now, I’m lucky if I can find time to shower long enough to shave my legs.
  3. Have fun with the bump: Most days, especially in the third trimester, I did not feel very photogenic. I took plenty of photos, but I didn’t do a professional shoot or a time-lapse project. Looking back, I wish I would’ve gotten creative with the bumpdates and better documented the journey in all its ups and downs. It’s true – as anxious as I was for pregnancy to end, I now miss my bump.
  4. Focus less on the nursery and more on the house: Oh, Pinterest. There I was spending hours prepping a room that he currently only uses to piss and shit all over. Next time, I will focus more on prepping each room in the house as opposed to one room. The reality is, baby takes over the whole house.
  5. Join baby wearing groups: I just picked one that seemed popular and called it a day, just like every other item on my baby registry. While the pick and choose approach works with most things in the land of never-ending baby gear, it doesn’t fly with baby wearing. There are so many to choose from, and all have pros and cons. Baby wearing isn’t a thing you check off a list; it is a lifestyle for you and baby.


  1. Love your should have list! Though my pregnancy kept me pretty active I was still lazy by nature. I never thought of going to a spa. Was it hard when you get bigger? How did they do it if you know…your big belly is in the way! I wish I did take professional photos and just relax about how my skin and hair was. I wanted to get a baby carrier but my husband denied it, thought it was useless if we had a stroller. Next time, I’m ignoring him for sure!

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    1. Oh mama, get a prenatal massage next time for sure! I was so mad I didn’t do it sooner, for similar worries as yours. You have to make sure they can do the “prenatal” one though, because there are definitely certain things to consider for expectant moms! Since I waited so late in pregnancy to get one, she was able to massage me side lying and back lying. If I had gone a little bit earlier I could have actually done stomach lying with a special pillow for pregnant mamas that they had! There are also certain pressure points that can stimulate labor – so she went ahead and massaged certain areas of my hands and feet since I was full term. Oh and I totally back you on the carrier – hubby is over ruled! 😉 If you are open to some of the wraps, they are much less expensive than the traditional soft-structured carriers. (I find that a cheaper price tag makes justifying baby wearing shopping much easier with the hubby, haha!) Check out the Baby K’Tan and the Solly Baby – two of my favorites that I found on sale for under $50. ❤

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