On Parenthood: three months old

Just when I think I can’t fall in love any more, I do. 

This past month has been so precious. I finally (somewhat) have the hang of things, which feels like a breath of fresh air. The best part is seeing Ivan’s little personality start to shine through; I have stopped calling him the “blob.”

He is one happy-go-lucky little man. Smiling is his favorite thing to do – and not just for me and daddy; he gives smiles to most anyone who says hi to him.

He is curious and content, with fussy spells much farther and fewer between. Experienced parents and survivors of colicky babies constantly tell us they never had calm days like this. We joke that we should stop at baby No. 1 because it feels too good to be true how easy we seem to have it!

I have a feeling his first laugh is soon approaching because he does a funny belly wiggle and gasp for air with his smiles. He has also been learning how to make different sounds with his voice, going from a few sweet and soft coos to a range of grunts and noises.

Tummy time is still not his favorite, but between baby wearing and doing short doses of it on his play mat, he has really started to control that big head of his. He also bats for toys and follows them from side to side, but better than toys, he loves discovering the world around him. Artwork, shelves, patterns, lights, windows, trees – these things put him in trances. It makes me as an adult appreciate the little things all over again.

We have somewhat of a routine, which wasn’t forced but just sort of happened. In the mornings, we sit on the porch regardless of the weather. It started as a way for me to get my sanity during crazy mornings. When I noticed how calm it made him, too, it just sort of became our sweet tradition. So far, this peace and quiet allows me to drink my coffee while it’s still hot *I know, right?*

Oh and I’m even showering again! I came across a blog that said you no longer have a newborn when you’re showering regularly again. While I’m enjoying these new perks of hot coffee and showers, it’s oddly sad at the same time to grasp the fact that my little man has outgrown the newborn phase. He’s like a real baby now. With a personality! And lots of fat rolls!

New quirks this month include sucking on his whole hand, because he can’t quite coordinate sucking his thumb yet. He is also attempting to grasp big, soft toys, though he has not had that “ah hah” moment yet where he realizes his hands belong to him.

Likes: Mama’s milk, being held by anyone (but especially mom of course), bouncing, warm baths with dad, playing airplane, being talked to and listening to adult conversations, artwork on the wall, sitting on the porch, fresh air, walks in the stroller, co-sleeping.

Dislikes: Diaper changes, when mommy tries to sleep in, traffic lights and stops, having to get out of the bath, rocking (would rather be bounced).

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