Why mom friends are the best friends

Friendships evolve in our lives, especially surrounding big milestones. Becoming a parent is one of those times when our current relationships either grow or falter. With this shift comes making new mommy friends. 

I know – mom friends; they are the hardest friends to make, but they are the most rewarding ones, too. Here’s why:

  1. Mom friends are the textbook definition of understanding: Have to cancel a play date because you were up all night nursing, your dog is sick, and you haven’t found time to put pants on? No questions asked, mom friends understand how some days are just total disasters. A rain check is not something to feel bad about; it’s just something that you get used to now that little humans rule your days.
  2. Mom friends hold no judgment: Feeling helpless, sleep-deprived and anxious are just some of the fun emotions that come with being a mother. Mom friends are the only friends who truly relate to these insecurities and will not judge you for them, when often, the rest of the world will, unfortunately. Society expects mothers to be perfect. Real moms know that this is bullshit, and turning to them with all the highs and lows will only be met with love, laughter and advice. Thank god.
  3. Mom dates are effortless: Dishes piled high, laundry strewn across the couches and boob milk stains on your shirt – hell yes come over. All the materialistic things melt away with mom friends. They see you on your best days, but mostly your worst days – and suddenly, the whole concept of putting effort into anything other than genuine quality time together seems frivolous. Big, fancy plans aren’t needed. In fact, the simpler the better, since, you know, bedtime starts at 7 p.m.
  4. Mom friends complete the parts of you that sometimes disappear: Talking in  complete sentences, switching from bottles to wine glasses and entertaining your passions, hopes and dreams – indulging in our identities beyond mommy replenishes our spirit.

The best motherhood advice sometimes gets lost under all the baby talk: Find your tribe. 


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