pregnancy and parenthood

10 Very Important Lessons for New Moms

  Don't make the same mistakes I did ...  Rompers are not mom-friendly: I thought these would be the perfect summer nursing wardrobe. They don't require the same amount of thought as putting together a two-piece outfit, and they allow me to easily transition from topless milk machine to somewhat-put-together. That was until I realized after… Continue reading 10 Very Important Lessons for New Moms

pregnancy and parenthood

Can we stop telling people what “not to say” to us?

Don't get me wrong, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and parenthood are serious business. This shit is hard. But it doesn't mean we can't lighten up a bit.  As I've blogged before, we need to build up our communities, not build walls. It's why my stomach churns every time I see headlines like "10 Things Not to Say… Continue reading Can we stop telling people what “not to say” to us?

pregnancy and parenthood

On parenthood: 4 months old

It feels weird to say that I have a four month old - a big, chunky 20-pound-with-fat-rolls four-month-old. So long, fourth trimester! (Oh boy does it feel good to leave the fourth trimester behind us).  I no longer have to work hard for  baby smiles. He gives them freely! My favorite is the "milk drunk" smile. There is nothing that… Continue reading On parenthood: 4 months old