On Parenthood: five months old

This month has felt like the biggest leap yet. 

He smiles over the simplest things, giggles, holds toys, grabs and turns the pages of books, turns and looks for us – lighting up and squealing with joy when our eyes meet. He loves music, conversations and being “thrown” up into the air. He is enthralled with screens (oh boy), and will actually watch a cartoon in the morning. His biggest new accomplishment is purposefully reaching his arms out to be picked up, to feel our faces, to knock my glasses off, and to pet Werkley – finally they are interacting!

He has earned the reputation of “chill baby” because of his easy-going nature. I assure you he cries, but unlike those early months, they are more like short-lived tantrums that are easier to fix.

Last month’s sleeping woes have been “cured” for now at least … We found that we were putting him to bed too early, especially with him still taking three solid naps during the day, so we pushed it back to 8 p.m. and have had much greater success. That, and discovering overnight diapers – what a game changer for this heavy wetter! (He’s already moved into a size FOUR!)

I found his first little tooth cutting through his bottom front gums! The drool is by the gallon these days, but we’ve been surviving with teething oil, freezer chew toys, wet rags, and we also just introduced the amber teething necklace.

The most popular question we get these days is if he has started solids. We aren’t there yet! His pediatrician prefers that we wait until the new recommendation of six months, and we feel more comfortable with this as well since he hasn’t shown all of the food-ready cues, including the ability to sit unassisted. We’re also planning to try “baby led weaning,” which introduces him to solids as whole foods instead of purees, teaching him to chew first rather than swallow first. Stay tuned!

Certainly, he’s enjoying his milk for now anyways, weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds and fitting snuggly in size 12-18 month clothes. At this rate, we will be in toddler clothes before his first birthday!

Likes: Naps and bedtime again (Hallelujah), discovering all kinds of toys – especially ones that play music or make noise, mommy’s milk, being held, baby wearing Zumba class, walks in the stroller, when mom and dad sing out loud, bedtime infant massage, sitting at the  dinner table, being pulled on my feet to practice standing, being pulled to my butt to practice sitting, being thrown up into the air, taking mommy’s glasses off, and feeling mom and dad’s facial features.

Dislikes: Blankets of any kind (good thing mom can use them for other things), being in the car seat for more than 40 minutes, teething, when mom uses saline drops and Nose Frida to get boogers out of my nose.




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