On the list of things to be offended by, counting down to Christmas isn’t one of them

It’s November 5, and I have Christmas decorations making their way on display in my house. Yes, I realize Thanksgiving has not passed. 

But when Thanksgiving comes, I will still celebrate it whole-heartedly. I will wake up as I always do and have a bowl of oatmeal to hold me over until 3 p.m. while I cook with the Macy’s Day Parade in the background. I will count my blessings, share in gratitude and spend quality time with loved ones while discretely wearing maternity pants (for the food belly).

I will love Thanksgiving no less than I always do, whether or not I have already started tuning in to Christmas music.

And as I’m regretting how full I will feel as I end Turkey Day 2016 with a glass of apple cider sangria that I plan to make from my Pinterest board, I will admire our Christmas tree with pure joy because I fucking love Christmas, and I count down to it starting Dec. 26 of the previous year, thank you very much.

There’s no such thing as ruining a holiday by going overboard with another holiday. Yes, I realize I go overboard, and that harms you how? Oh, it doesn’t! That’s right.

I love this time of year, not for all the things, but for all the joy that it spreads. I will respectfully boast “Happy Holidays” with a giant smile on my face to everyone who will listen between now and Jan.1. How others choose to celebrate – or not –  is something I will leave entirely up to them. But in my house, we are early and overboard. And it is magical.

In fact, I’m going even earlier this year because I can’t handle the toxic divisiveness that is the 2016 Presidential Election. Everyone’s all like counting down to Nov. 8 turmoil, meanwhile, I’m making a list, checking it twice with glittering snowflakes over my head while my house smells like a magnificent cross between pumpkin spice and gingerbread. Because I choose happiness.

So go ahead, keep your homes holiday-neutral and laugh at people like me. Waste your energy tweeting @Starbuck’s about how their paper cups offend you for not being Christmas-y enough, while simultaneously being offended when people like me celebrate it too much.

Newsflash: there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Christmas or any of the holidays. So quit being a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

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  1. I LOVE Thanksgiving! Especially the parade! Okay, no, I love everything about it. I love being with my family and eating delicious food all day and watching the parade (especially now that Godzilla is old enough to “get it”) and binging on football and ALL THE THINGS! But what I love most is that it firmly ushers in my favorite holiday of all time. Thanksgiving is GREAT…because it means Christmas is on it’s way!

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