Cast your vote and cook a turkey

What was your worst Thanksgiving food fail?

Probably last year, when Sean and I had no idea how to season our turkey and went overboard on the salt and spices. It turns out, there is most definitely such a thing as too much flavor. I could go in greater detail about this turkey, but, I’d much rather shift today’s writing prompt to a different kind of failure. 

Never mind messing up a dinner; the 2016 presidential campaign has been a historical failure and disservice to the American people – and it all concludes in less than 24 hours.  How can we not talk about this?

It has been nothing short of divisive, juvenile, misleading, and belligerent.  I’m not just talking about the candidates themselves and their infamy – we’ve already been well-versed by the media on their individual failures – but we the people have contributed to the ugliness that has plagued the stage this election year, taking on the very characteristics we have crucified in the candidates.

I have seen friendships and families tear apart. I have seen blatant intolerance and violence. I have seen fear and feelings lead arguments rather than objective facts. I have seen otherwise kind and generous people turn into hate-filled, disrespectful people. I am seeing a country that doesn’t fit its people, with our founding values and ethics at stake.

Tomorrow, our votes will be counted and there can only be one President. Half of us will lose. One campaign will fail.

After all of this yelling and shouting, what do we have left?

This failure, America, is not just on the people behind our TV’s. It’s on us, too, and we must not rely on a President to pick up all of the pieces.

I hope, by Thanksgiving, we can gather around the table with our loved ones and begin to unite again. Even if it’s coming together over an epic food fail – we have to start somewhere.

So go – cast your vote and cook a turkey.


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