Moments unfocused

I normally am a focused person. I like to focus on a goal, a plan, a schedule, a mission. I can multi-task, so long as the multiple things I need to do each have clear focuses.

But today I’m unfocused, and it feels incredible.

It’s Saturday, and although that carries little weight as a mom – being that I’m always needed round-the-clock regardless of the day – my husband made me pancakes for breakfast so I could juggle one less thing in the morning. And as we talked about all the things we should accomplish in-between sips of coffee, I stopped and suggested a rare alternative.

“Or, we could drop everything and go on a short road trip.” 

And off we went.

I wore heeled-boots for the first time since having a baby, and even put make up on and let my hair down from the usual messy bun. We held hands and explored unfamiliar surroundings, ate food without counting calories and shopped stores we normally don’t visit.

There were so many little moments that bonded us and memories worthy of the baby book – moments that otherwise wouldn’t have happened if we focused intently on all of our goals and to-do lists.

Ahh, spontaneity. It’s a hard thing to make time for, but always worth it.

It’s almost as if letting myself be unfocused brings me back to the most important focus – living life to the fullest.

Maybe my new goal should be finding more moments unfocused.

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