You’re wrong: my dog is still my baby, too

*Photo by LuLuEdward Photo*

Today’s daily writing prompt begged the question, “What is the hardest or best lesson you’ve learned from having pets?”

My eyes lit up. I.LOVE.MY.DOG! I could write a novel on all the wonderful things he – and his predecessors who have furever left paw prints on my heart – have taught me about life. Animals are incredible beings who I refer to as Earth Angels. They teach us unconditional love, loyalty, strength, and so much more. 

But instead of writing about that, I’d like to get something off my chest when it comes to motherhood and pets.

You all warned me, “Once you have that baby, you are going to start realizing your dog is just a dog! You won’t have time for him anymore. Just wait.”

Well, here we are nearly eight months postpartum, and I just bought him a new Christmas sweater and fed him a bit of sausage-and-apple-stuffed acorn squash for dinner. Because, he’s still my first born and always will be.

Having a human baby did not break the bond I share with my dog. And I don’t get why it’s such a commonly-held belief that it otherwise would.

Sure, I carry guilt for not being able to throw the ball every time he drops it at my feet, or for being extra impatient when he does something he’s not supposed to around the human baby, but we have built a new norm as a family of four and that includes finding ways to ensure there is plenty of love to go around.

Because that’s simply the responsibility that comes with being a pet parent. We treat them as members of the family because they are family. The thought, albeit light-hearted, that it’s normal to treat our fur babies any less than before is absolute nonsense.

Snuggle your fur babies extra close, friends. They deserve nothing short of all the love we have to give.

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