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2017: the year of sitting still

This is the first resolution that I'm wishing for a lesser year. And I mean that in the best way.  When I think about the past five years, they have all been centered around adding something major to my life. 2013 was the year I chased my dreams in Hawaii and launched my career. 2014 was the… Continue reading 2017: the year of sitting still

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Protecting Mama Bear for a change

Is it just me, or is there negativity associated with being a protective mom? It's a label that I would certainly give to myself, though mama bear is much cuter sounding. I'm that mom who requests visitors be up to date on their shots - and even though I could feel the eye rolls by some, it matters so little… Continue reading Protecting Mama Bear for a change

pregnancy and parenthood

On Parenthood: 8 months old

Okay, there is something about hitting eight months that makes me seriously want time to slow down. But, we are enjoying this equal parts adorable and exhausting age.  His little brain is working overtime investigating and categorizing all the things that he sees in his ever-growing world. He laughs so much more than he ever used to over… Continue reading On Parenthood: 8 months old

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A reason to stop chasing dreams

*Photo By LuLuEdward Photo* I half-completed this daily writing challenge for November, but I have benefitted tremendously from what I did complete. I may not have gotten words out every day, but my goal was not so much meeting deadlines as it was developing my writing.  Truthfully, before becoming a mother, I would have scoffed at… Continue reading A reason to stop chasing dreams