On Parenthood: 8 months old

Okay, there is something about hitting eight months that makes me seriously want time to slow down. But, we are enjoying this equal parts adorable and exhausting age. 

His little brain is working overtime investigating and categorizing all the things that he sees in his ever-growing world. He laughs so much more than he ever used to over the silliest things. He laughs when I wipe down the kitchen table. He laughs when I clean his face. He laughs when I dance around the kitchen. He laughs when daddy tickles him. He laughs when we have staring contests. He also laughs when we chew food, and he has started mocking us and chomps his gums together obnoxiously.

He is also starting to show that he understands sign language. When I sign “milk,” he goes straight to the source! And when we sign “I love you,” he smiles big and tries to copy with his little hands, getting his pinky up.

The exhausting part of all this comes by way of the eight-month sleep regression, mixed in with separation anxiety (which is normal at this age). He is also teething hardcore again, but it has paid off. His two front teeth have started poking through!

He eats breakfast and dinner, and he’s enjoying all the different flavors except for carrots (unless they are mixed in with something else). We are finally slowing down in growth, and he’s the same weight as last month just shy of 23 pounds. Thank goodness, because we have a lot of 18-month outfits to wear through the winter.

LIKES: Little Einsteins, teethers, making faces in mirrors, eating new purees, people watching, baby wearing, errands with mom and dad, drinking out of a sippy cup, making big splashes during bath time, car naps, giggling, early bedtime and early rising.

DISLIKES: carrots, sleeping past 6 a.m., when mom leaves sight, teething, being cold.

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