Why I would never protest a peaceful protest

The Women’s March rallied more than one million people at hundreds of rallies – women and men of all walks of life, varying political beliefs – all coming together under one of the core principles of the First Amendment: the right to join with fellow citizens in peaceful assembly. Zero arrests were made because it was just that, a peaceful protest. Continue reading “Why I would never protest a peaceful protest”


A letter to our military child

When we got pregnant, my first thought was a blur of joy and shock. My second thought was to count through the nine months it would take to grow you to see if daddy would be home for your birth.  Continue reading “A letter to our military child”

The one-liner that I vow to stop saying to expectant mothers

Before crossing from expectant mother to new mother, I was busy working on my birth plan. Yet, many mamas often told me some form of “Forget your birth plan. Honey, you can’t plan your labor. You’ll just be upset when things don’t go according to plan.”  I understood that. But I also didn’t find that to be a productive comment. I wanted to go into labor … Continue reading The one-liner that I vow to stop saying to expectant mothers

Accountability in Motherhood

Lately I’ve been gripping to a theme of accountability – something that has been either extremely easy or incredibly challenging since becoming a mother. I’m accountable to keep my baby healthy and happy, and the work to do that is on auto-pilot at this point. But I’m also accountable to my health and happiness, which is a never-ending challenge.  Continue reading “Accountability in Motherhood”