On Parenthood: 9 months 

Nine months is a time that makes up for all the sleep-deprived newborn days. He is giving so much love and joy to us; we’re just trying to soak it all in before this phase passes as quickly as it came. 

New mini milestones include saying “Mama” (over and over and over again), bouts of crawling backwards, scooting and turning 360 while sitting, coming up on all fours and rocking back and fourth, gabbing and trying to talk with much greater intention, and standing up on his own for a few seconds at a time. Just in the past month, he went from cutting four teeth to EIGHT – and he has been a trooper about it.

Cartoons and naps no longer interest him because all he wants to do is observe, play and explore. As I’m typing this, he just scooted his way to a dog toy … and, he just tried to type gibberish on this lap top. We have officially started baby proofing the house.

The good old days of three long naps a day are long gone. We’re down to one and maybe a late afternoon cat nap.

When he is tired, he goes down easy. My greatest challenge is no longer sleep – lucky us – instead, it’s how to keep up with play time. I am always on the lookout these days for fun, interactive activities that can satisfy his curiosity to learn and carry us through the winter days ahead.

We have introduced table foods and graduated beyond fruits and veggies, but he still eats mostly purees out of his own preference. His new favorite food is yogurt – especially banana yogurt. Pretty much anything else he gives to the dogs, which is both adorable and frustrating. I keep repeating to myself “Food before one is just for fun.”

Everywhere we go people joke, “How did that big baby come from you!?” Truthfully, I don’t know! He weighs about 23 pounds, 30 inches long, but this has been his size for the past couple of months, so we are finally able to stay in 18-24 month clothes for the foreseeable future.

Likes: Toy trucks and cars – or anything with wheels – pushing the buttons on keyboards, causing mischief and trying to chew wires and cords, playing with water, cuddling with mom, laughing with dad, snacking on yogurt, “touch and feel” flashcards, stacking cups, mirrors, people watching, running into mom’s ankles in the walker, baby wearing, trying to talk, holding paws with his new adopted brother, Wallace the Collie.

Dislikes: Not being close to mom, and bath tine – not really digging it these days.



    1. Oh my goodness – congrats on your 2-month-old! It really does get better and better with each month as their little personalities just explode! 🙂 I think two months was a time of coffee and “survival mode” in our house. Hang in there!

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