On Parenthood: 10 months old

We’re officially on the move! 

What started as scooting, reaching and shuffling is now full-steam-ahead crawling and pulling up to stand on everything. Stair gates are installed, as well as a few other baby proofing hacks around the house.

He has FINALLY discovered how to roll from tummy to back, and vice versa – which has led to him becoming a tummy sleeper.  We’ve had challenging days at the start of this month in dealing with the nine-month sleep regression on top of “leap 7,” but the sweetness of this age is proving to be far greater than the tough days.

He waves hello and goodbye (when he’s not being shy), and his baby gibberish has developed into his first words: mama, dada, nana, baba. He already uses mama in context, too, and will say it on repeat until he gets my full attention – which is usually for wanting to be held, as we are at the peak of stranger-and-separation anxiety.

We have been warned that this anxiety phase can last until age 2. Our pediatrician reassured us it’s actually one of the healthiest traits a baby can demonstrate because it means he has formed trustworthy, secure attachments to us. Babies eventually form their independence from these secure attachments, which is why there really is no such thing as “spoiling” a baby. We are trying to get in as many baby snuggles as we can before we blink our eyes and he’s a squirmy toddler! 

We noticed a major shift in play time – he is actually playing and not just destroying things. He picks up his toy cars and follows them down the race track. He turns pages of books. He sorts toy blocks into corresponding shapes. He pushes buttons intentionally. And, I kid you not, he plays catch with the dogs (and daddy).

And, he’s finally exploring solid foods more. A lot of it still ends up going to the dogs, but I’m just thrilled he’s actually trying new textures and flavors. Biggest new hits include peanut butter on bananas, waffles, scrambled eggs, and meatballs! But this boy still loves his purees too.

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