On Parenthood: 11 months 

Our little man is as sweet, animated and mischievous as ever. This past month has been one exhausting game of chase, keeping up with his innocent curiosity and newly-acquired mobility. He has picked up some serious speed!

Items of greatest interest include pretty much anything that is off limits, especially the shiny dog bowls. He no longer needs furniture to stand and can manage on his own two feet for a few moments at a time. I’m still adapting to the sight of him standing. After 10 months of living his life horizontal, it’s pretty shocking to see him suddenly standing upright on those tiny, chunky baby feet. It melts my heart. We are just waiting for those first steps!

Our lucky no-germ streak ended; he finally caught his dreaded first baby cold! Fortunately he overcame it after a few days with plenty of snuggles, saline spray, zarbees chest rub, steam showers, and milk. I really think it is thanks to breastmilk that it took almost a year to catch anything in the first place. (Though surely being the only child helps, too, I’m sure).  I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on our nursing journey since my initial goal was to breastfeed for 12 months. I feel grateful that we are approaching this significant year-mark, and we plan to keep going into the second year as long as we can.

I’ve been lucky that breastfeeding has largely been a positive experience for us. It was a journey that I started filled with fear after hearing so many negative stories – everything from how hard it is and how painful it can be, to the unwarranted controversy surrounding it in public. And while the ease with which I’ve experienced my own journey does not undercut these negative stories – because breastfeeding is hard – I hope that I can encourage other new moms through sharing a bit of my own positive experience. It’s just as important to surround yourself with positivity as it is to be aware of the realities and challenges. More on that later.

This little guy is trying more and more table foods and pretty much eats – or is offered, at least – whatever we are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some things are bigger hits than others,  but he will never pass up the opportunity to eat some blueberries – which is funny because I ate blueberries more than anything else during pregnancy. Another sure hit is any kind of meat, especially meatballs. We are having a little trouble with him overstuffing and hoarding food in his chubby cheeks, so we are keeping a close eye and giving him smaller bites one at a time.

He has been sleeping great, and we never would’ve imagined that we would love co-sleeping as much as we do – or for as long as we have. We’ve recently tried incorporating the crib different times, if just for naps, to get our dang money’s worth of this thing – but it remains the most awkward, unused piece of baby furniture we own to date. As they say, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. We are planning to continue co-sleeping until we’re ready to transition him to his own floor bed, skipping the crib all together. Montessori style! We just have to break the news to our dogs that the floor bed actually isn’t for them.

He has moved on from saying mama mama, and now says dada dada on repeat. His favorite games are biting dad’s nose and crawling away as fast as he can to avoid getting changed. He periodically stops and looks back to see if we are chasing him. Giggle, repeat.

His 11-month milestone is a bit more emotional than expected. The first year is full of so many changes, and it feels like we are preparing to start all over again as we enter the unknowns of year two!

Likes: Outdoor adventures, water activities, tipping the dog bowls over, playing ball, trying new foods, naps on mom and dad, walks to the bay, crawling as fast as possible, mommy’s milk, play dates, magnets, helping to unload the dishwasher, standing up with or without furniture around, taking off daddy’s velcro patches from his flight suit, FaceTiming Aunt Sara, reading books – especially The Very Hungry Caterpillar – dancing to music with mom, saying dada, petting the dogs, poking mom and dad’s noses, putting everything in my mouth – especially shoes, stealing mom’s glasses.

Dislikes: sitting still, particularly for diaper changes, falling down too hard, when mom leaves the room.



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