We aren’t actually in control until we surrender it

I was largely focused on gaining control during my first pregnancy. I wanted control of my body, my labor, my baby. I was probably over-compensating for having zero experience with children prior to getting pregnant, so I found comfort in this idea of becoming an “expert” with the nine months I had before my big promotion. Continue reading “We aren’t actually in control until we surrender it”


Why I’m “still” breastfeeding

As we approached his first birthday, the “are you still nursing?” questions began. My goal has always been two years, though it is a goal that has been harder to see now that I am pregnant. And yes, nursing through pregnancy is totally a thing – and yes, it is safe. But it definitely adds an extra layer of challenges: feeling touched out and experiencing pain being the two biggest setbacks.  Continue reading “Why I’m “still” breastfeeding”