When advice isn’t supportive

Every generation thinks they did it best. It’s a classic, comical divide that can be applied to most any topic up for discussion. Insert parenthood, and you have a perfect storm of generational differences pouring into growing families’ homes.  Continue reading “When advice isn’t supportive”


Five things I just don’t care about this pregnancy

1341502017158_5104234This idea that you can have too many baby clothes.  Only have a few newborn sizes, and then buy upbut not too much. I tried to abide by this cautionary advice last time. This time, I catch myself checking the baby clothes sections every chance I get. There’s something so sentimental about baby clothes. When I see a little newborn outfit awaiting to be worn, I envision my daughter wearing it and smiling at me in my arms. And just for a few moments, I find patience in how long it takes to grow her. This time around, you won’t find me counting inventory pretending that there is a perfect system to it. You’ll find me with a coffee in hand ooh-ing and ahh-ing over baby clothes sales.

In a weird way, witnessing just how fast they grow only makes me want to cling to the tiny outfits even more this time.  Continue reading “Five things I just don’t care about this pregnancy”