pregnancy and parenthood

When advice isn’t supportive

Every generation thinks they did it best. It's a classic, comical divide that can be applied to most any topic up for discussion. Insert parenthood, and you have a perfect storm of generational differences pouring into growing families' homes.  As wisdom is passed down, science progresses, which sometimes counters family wisdom. New parents balance this with their own intuitions, creating a trifecta of… Continue reading When advice isn’t supportive

pregnancy and parenthood

Five things I just don’t care about this pregnancy

This idea that you can have too many baby clothes.  Only have a few newborn sizes, and then buy up - but not too much. I tried to abide by this cautionary advice last time. This time, I catch myself checking the baby clothes sections every chance I get. There's something so sentimental about baby clothes.… Continue reading Five things I just don’t care about this pregnancy