Five things I just don’t care about this pregnancy

1341502017158_5104234This idea that you can have too many baby clothes.  Only have a few newborn sizes, and then buy upbut not too much. I tried to abide by this cautionary advice last time. This time, I catch myself checking the baby clothes sections every chance I get. There’s something so sentimental about baby clothes. When I see a little newborn outfit awaiting to be worn, I envision my daughter wearing it and smiling at me in my arms. And just for a few moments, I find patience in how long it takes to grow her. This time around, you won’t find me counting inventory pretending that there is a perfect system to it. You’ll find me with a coffee in hand ooh-ing and ahh-ing over baby clothes sales.

In a weird way, witnessing just how fast they grow only makes me want to cling to the tiny outfits even more this time. 

Having every piece of baby gear in order to find out “what they like most.” Every baby is so different, and you don’t know what they will like, so just have everything ready. I don’t find this advice to be good advice. Maybe because I have spent too much time tripping over things and losing my patience over finding storage space. We have a high chair, a bouncer, a floor jumper, a door jumper, a walker, a swing, a rock n play, a bassinet, a pack n play, a floor mat, a floor seat, a Boppy pillow, a newborn lounger pillow – and this is AFTER downsizing what was in the garage. What did my first born enjoy the most in those early days? Lying on the floor with a mirror. I can easily arrange that without having the entire Babies R Us store in our home.

Truthfully, it takes so little to comfort a baby because what they want most is something money cannot buy – to be in our arms. Don’t get me wrong, there is money worth investing in things that give our tired arms a break, but this isn’t nearly as steep of an investment as the ads portray.

Being told that I’m getting big. Because I am. There’s a baby ballooning my belly region.    I got easily annoyed last time when people would comment on my size, but when I look back at pictures, the first thing that comes to my mind is “I got HUGE!” Most people who try to engage are not actually being malicious, more than they are just clueless to what it feels like to waddle around in compression socks and belly bands while we watch our weight rapidly increase at every prenatal weigh-in.

Sometimes it’s annoying to be in the spotlight, but I would much rather be noticed than ignored, even if that means fielding yet another bad joke about how I must have eaten watermelon seeds. *Insert fake laugh*

The infamous glucose test. Every woman who has ever been pregnant before me had painted this picture of the glucose test mid-pregnancy as the hardest thing they’ve ever had to do. My version? I sat down and drank what tasted like a Capri-Sun and then played on my phone before getting my blood drawn. The only thing on my mind this time around is what flavor to pick out.

Whether or not people like the name. We had a few iffy reactions in choosing and sharing Ivan as the name we had picked for our son. This devastated me when people obviously didn’t like our choice. This time, everyone told me not to announce the name before the birth so that we avoid those reactions, but being the second time around I have built a thicker skin. Nothing can detract from the love I have for my baby or the name that we choose. Picking a name has nothing to do with pleasing crowds to begin with, so it would be silly to expect everyone to love it just as much as we do.

There are plenty of choices in parenting where people will counter you, and choosing a name is just another one of those choices filled with too many opinions. If I can’t handle this, how will I handle the next round of commenters who will insist I alter my birth plan, my sleep approach, my feeding routine? I will handle it all the same, of course – by choosing  what works best for us and being confident in that as enough.  

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