Four traumatic things that happened in 24 hours without my phone

As a stay-at-home mom, the ways in which I use and rely on my smart phone have certainly evolved from when I used it in the workforce as a reporter and online communications strategist. But out of habit, I held onto this sense of urgency that was embedded in my work of needing to have my phone on me at all times.

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My redemption birth: I am enough

“Remember, you didn’t have a normal birth.” 

I was told this in recovery by my care team as I was trying to grapple with what just happened to my body, why nurses were physically punching me to help get my baby out, why my baby wasn’t breathing, why my recovery was taking forever, why it was all so … grueling.  Continue reading “My redemption birth: I am enough”

Must-have baby items you might not have discovered yet

I could never be a true minimalist, admittedly, but I have been striving for moderate minimalism – which I define as having *majority* of my surroundings serve a purpose, with some wiggle room for pointless fun  … because, Target.

I’ve been clearing out quite a bit of baby gear and toys in preparation for number two. It is dangerously easy to fall down the “excess stuff” trap with kids. That said, there are some things that I only regret not inventing myself because they are pure genius. Whether you’re the kind of parent who will try anything once or the kind who paces baby aisles with skepticism, I thought I would compile the most-loved, lesser-shared baby products I’ve discovered.

None of these items came from ads that I saw, but rather through the grapevine. And obviously, I’m not a big enough blogger to where I’m being compensated to endorse any of this shit.  Continue reading “Must-have baby items you might not have discovered yet”

“What to expect” your second pregnancy 

There are so many lists out there on valuable lessons learned as first time moms, from enduring that first pregnancy, birth to recovery and beyond. But I haven’t found anything sharing wisdom specifically for second-time moms. We are kind of the forgotten ones in some ways because we are supposed to be experts or something by now.  Continue reading ““What to expect” your second pregnancy “

I was hoping for a girl, and that says nothing about the kind of parent I am

“Are you hoping for a girl this time?”

This was a popular question that followed our second pregnancy announcement since we have had the overwhelming joy of experiencing a boy our first go-around.

I always felt a tad awkward answering this because there’s a bit of shame associated with admitting that you may have a preference for a daughter or son, as if having a preference means you don’t value the blessing of your child. So I always started with a disclaimer: we’re hoping for a healthy baby first and foremost, but yes, admittedly, I would love to experience having a little girl!  Continue reading “I was hoping for a girl, and that says nothing about the kind of parent I am”