The real reason second-time moms “care less”

There is a hilarious video circulating the Internet of a mom showcasing the differences in how she prepared for the birth of her first child vs. how she prepares with littles already running around. It pokes fun of the contrast in the glamor that we create around first-time pregnancies – and how this glamor abruptly fades once the messy realities of motherhood take over.

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You know you’ve started toddlerhood when…

The books will define toddlerhood as a phase that starts at 12 months, but so long as mine has his squishy cheeks he’ll always be my baby. That said, there are hilarious differences as we navigate year two – the first year of this thing called toddlerhood. Continue reading “You know you’ve started toddlerhood when…”

What I didn’t know when I married the military

Our first duty station was Hawaii, and I gained so much from our time there. I was ambitious, young and impressionable. I was starting my career, pursuing this thing called love; I couldn’t have been in a better place for this chapter, where the community leads with Aloha – a powerful outlook that set me up for a more fulfilling, humble and connected life. Continue reading “What I didn’t know when I married the military”