Distinguishing distractions from progress

I do a lot.

I’m raising two tiny humans and supporting my military husband’s career that picks up and moves our lives every few years in random corners of the country. Literally, we’ve gone from one corner to the other. Hawaii to Maryland to now Texas. Continue reading “Distinguishing distractions from progress”


What I didn’t see coming about the first day of school

I have graduated so many parenting chapters in the last three years. Big ones, like childbirth, recovery – not once but twice. Newborn-hood, teething, colds, tummy bugs, crying, whining, tantrums, toddlerhood – you name it. Everything from “I need you to do everything for me” to “I need you to let me do it myself.” Yet none of it prepared me for what is next – my son’s first day of school.  Continue reading “What I didn’t see coming about the first day of school”