New to the blog – Montessori mommin’

After I became a mom of two under two, I hit a major crossroad in my parenting journey and had a bit of a mom-identity-crisis. Things felt chaotic and I wanted to better understand my babies so that I could graduate from “survival mode”  to “normal mode.” I just didn’t know what my new normal would be yet. I was drawn to Montessori, picked up a book and never looked back.

img_1488A year later, overhauling our home to Montessori has easily been one of the most uplifting and impactful aspects of our parenthood journey thus far, though I’ve kept that super quiet on itslittlebird. Initially I had plans of launching a separate blog about our Montessori overhaul, but that didn’t feel quite right to segregate my motherhood and Montessori because they are so closely intertwined. I also didn’t want to share too much, too soon, because I was focused (and still am) on learning and un-doing a lot of misperceptions I previously had.

But, I have realized that there will never be a perfect time to share our journey because I will never be done learning my children. And at the same time, there are a lot of parents in the trenches with me, wanting to better understand and engage with their littles in these early, formative years, but just kinda trying to figure it out one day at a time like I am.  So I have scrapped my goal of a Montessori blog, and I will keep itslittlebird as it was always intended to be – an honest, humble open look at my motherhood for whatever stage I am currently at, sharing with you as I go.

Sooo, what is it?

Montessori is a path to early childhood education. As a parent, it is a path that has brought me closer to their development, which is where its influence entered our home well before the school days. It is built upon respect for the child who is born ready and capable of learning, and asks of adults not to direct a child’s development, but to observe, trust, follow and guide. It is grounded by the commonly-used phrase, “follow the child.” But there’s so much to it. So much.

Before I became a mom, I always knew that being “teacher” would be one of many hats I would wear around the home, but it didn’t come as natural to me as the more nurturing, instinctive roles that there are to being a mom. Montessori filled in where my instincts lapsed, and growing closer to their learning has only helped me deepen my bond with them.

I’m in a new chapter, and so itslittlebird will grow to reflect that. I hope it speaks to you as much as it does to me!

“I’ve Got 5 Minutes: Explain Montessori To Me.”

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