A look inside our Montessori home

It has been eight months since we moved into our new home, and I’m finally feeling close to settled in our space. As I look around, I realize how deeply Montessori learning has influenced our way of living. Almost every room has been setup in some way with the goal of better including and engaging our children.

It was a transformation that started stressful, but as I look around now, I feel so much peace. Our home used to feel like one big competition with the kids – fighting for space, for freedom, for boundaries. Now it feels purposeful, inclusive and mutually enjoyable.

It took time, patience, trial and error to grow into this concept of a Montessori home. Here is a quick recap of the principles for a “prepared space” that guided our thinking.

  1. Freedom within limits: Rather than childproofing, how can we better include them in age-appropriate ways?
  2. Structure and order: How can we more thoughtfully present their belongings in a way that is not overwhelming nor underwhelming?
  3. Natural beauty: Where can we incorporate more naturally-appealing and calm aesthetics?
  4. Concrete reality: Where can we incorporate more items that better reflect the real world that they so intently desire to explore?

Every week I’ll add another look!

Reading Nook

I’ll start here as it is fresh on my mind. I just rotated for the summer! I tend to rotate books seasonally since they love reading the same titles for quite some time, as opposed to their toys and activities that need switched up more frequently.

We have more books throughout the house that they have access to, but this is their main hub. Forward facing, eye-level shelves are much more inviting for tiny hands than traditional bookshelves. We are so happy with how this turned out.
We are in the prime stage for modeling social skills, so we adore the series on manners by Elizabeth Verdick at the bottom! The top left series, featuring Montessori letter, shape, map, number, and pattern work by Bobby and June George, is deeply engaging! These are so thoughtfully presented for both the child and the parent; On the inside cover of each, there is an easy explanation of how to encourage concrete teaching of these otherwise abstract concepts. Whenever I ask my son to pick out one, he comes back to me with all of them in hand!
My daughter’s favorite are the LoveEvery books on the bottom right (We love our LoveEvery subscription! More on that later). These books showcase children going through relatable every day experiences. They even have adorable “mini books” that fit the palm of her hand – totally satisfying to their love of tiny objects! My three-year-old has so many “why” questions, and my 1.5-year-old is so drawn to photographs all kind, so the National Geographic additions have been a huge hit as well.

That’s it! We kept it simple, accessible, neutral, allowing the draw of this corner to be the beautiful books themselves. We opted not to cozy it up because we observed that the addition of floor pillows interfered with their reach to the bottom shelves, and the room’s main shag rug is cozy enough. The shelves are Ikea FLISAT. Now for better organizing the books that are NOT currently in rotation – that’s our current task!

NEXT: A Montessori Shared Bedroom


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