Hey mama! I’m Jenna – a passionate writer, imperfect mother and proud military spouse. Why “little bird?” It’s my nickname. Those who know me well deemed it fitting for my petite, chatty self. I love to learn. I love to listen. I love to reflect. I love to share. I love to connect. So it only seemed fitting to name the blog itslittlebird.

Rebecca Rice Photography

itslittlebird.com began when I was newly transitioning from full-time media relations to stay-at-home motherhood, while simultaneously moving from Hawaii to Maryland with new Navy orders in hand. Shortly after anchoring there, I birthed two beautiful babies in three years. This made for a much tighter fit in our JEEP when the Navy then sent us to Texas. (Our two 80-pound dogs certainly didn’t help).

This started as a selfish blog where I could process the massive emotions and questions that come with brand new motherhood, but it quickly grew to take on a bigger mission as I noticed major gaps in community-minded support for new parents, particularly mothers. It is the age of perfect parenting fueled by information-overload. This can leave us feeling disempowered if we repeatedly find ourselves in corrective, conflicting circles rather than uplifting, encouraging conversations.

Suddenly my sarcastic, survival-mode bumpdates evolved into serious conversation starters. I write on motherhood today with the hope of cutting through the digital noise to truly empower, inspire and relate. Most of my blogging is now through the specific lenses of Montessori learning and military living, because these are the life experiences that have personally empowered me the most.

I believe that building a strong sense of community is essential to lifting each other up in motherhood, and this often starts with simple conversation – conversation that opens our minds, our hearts and just maybe even frees our hands so we can heat up that cold cup of coffee again.

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  1. Although your blog post ‘Conquered: My Biggest Fears on Being a Stay-at-Home Mom’ is over a year old, I want to thank you for writing it. Right now I work a full time highly paying secure job but deeply want to stay home with my son and be a homemaker. My husband fully supports me but I struggle to take the leap because I’m afraid of what society will think. I never thought I allowed strangers opinions of me affect my decisions but clearly I do. I too have the fears you mentioned in your post and your words give me encouragement to move forward with what I really want in my life. Thank you.


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