Why I write

I’ve always been in love with the power of words. When I was seven, I “authored and illustrated” my first series of books, all about my sweet golden retriever (my childhood love for dogs would later develop into an obsession).

My love for writing only grew stronger, and I never understood why so many seemed to dislike it in school. Writing possesses more poise and impact than candid comments ever could. Fast forward through four years of journalism school, followed by a professional communications career, and it is a passion that has grown to define me.

My perspective comes from many lenses: I’m a career woman transitioning to full-time motherhood. I’m community-minded, but also an introvert. I grew up in Ohio, but now enjoy life on the move as a proud Navy wife.

I have invested much of my time in telling others’ stories, but I have neglected to digest my own. This blog is nothing more than a selfish way for me to reflect on the fast-turning pages of my own life story, while hopefully inspiring others to revel in the most important moments of theirs as well.

Much of my writing today is about being a mother because that is the all-consuming chapter I am currently living – but motherhood is so much bigger than me, and I am so much more than motherhood.

I share my take on motherhood because I hope to bring back that village mentality that long ago existed. I believe that building a sense of community is essential to our mothering journeys, and this often starts with simple conversation – conversation that opens our minds, our hearts and just maybe even frees our hands so we can heat up that cold cup of coffee again.

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  1. Although your blog post ‘Conquered: My Biggest Fears on Being a Stay-at-Home Mom’ is over a year old, I want to thank you for writing it. Right now I work a full time highly paying secure job but deeply want to stay home with my son and be a homemaker. My husband fully supports me but I struggle to take the leap because I’m afraid of what society will think. I never thought I allowed strangers opinions of me affect my decisions but clearly I do. I too have the fears you mentioned in your post and your words give me encouragement to move forward with what I really want in my life. Thank you.


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