Bringing back play starts with doing less and being bored

Something I’ve been struggling with lately is this concept of independent play. It wasn’t something I thought much about after the birth of my first son. Nobody talked about play probably because everyone wants to talk about sleep with your first. I wish that play was more of a topic because I could’ve used the inspiration and ideas. I am currently trying to un-do some minor “play dependencies” with my now 3-year-old. Continue reading “Bringing back play starts with doing less and being bored”


Bring it on: my son is a threenager

When my first born turned one, the google guides started referring to him as a toddler, but my baby he remained. Then we hit “the terrible twos,” and I finally accepted the toddler label, which I found to be endearing far more than it was terrible. Surely, I’ll change my mind when he hits “threenager,” I thought. Well, here we are, and once again I’m clinging onto a defiant optimism that three will be wonderful. Continue reading “Bring it on: my son is a threenager”

Off to The Children’s House: why we love Montessori school

I just learned that it is Montessori Education Week, which has the Montessori mama in me super giddy and reflective of our personal journey. My love for this method recently grew as we sent our first-born off to Casa Dei Bambini, or The Children’s House. These past four months have been a huge leap for our family as we get a front-row seat to the inner workings of this unique path – one that is continuing to expand its reach as it inspires more families, educators and professionals tasked with reforming today’s education. Continue reading “Off to The Children’s House: why we love Montessori school”

What I got wrong about “follow the child”

“Follow the child” is at the heart of practicing Montessori. I remember when I first dove into reading about this, I kind of glazed over the child-led principle because it seemed self-explanatory, and I thought I had already been doing it. My approach to my first-born’s baby days were largely rooted in following his cues for feeding, sleeping; so it wasn’t like I had previously been in a rigid habit of parent-led. I had a tendency to follow my children already, I thought. Continue reading “What I got wrong about “follow the child””

I’m building a family, not a village

A friend recently shared this blog with me, “In the absence of the village, mothers struggle most. It is so deeply relevant to my current stage of life, and yet I felt so torn with my own emotions regarding this modern-day crisis. I do call it a crisis, because I think it’s such a widespread issue that brings tangible hardships to families. We need people.  Continue reading “I’m building a family, not a village”