Our new family cookbook

When I graduated college, I could make two things: pasta and cereal. I used to Google embarrassingly-basic things like "how to hard boil an egg" or "how do I know when my chicken is done?"  When my husband and I both worked, pre-parenthood, food was simply something we ate in-between all the other things we… Continue reading Our new family cookbook


The best Valentine’s date ever

I have celebrated Valentine's Day single, with wine, with chocolate, with my dog, and with my husband. They've all been great dates. My favorite date, however, is chocolate. Here are the best affairs with chocolate I've ever had ...  Orange Chocolate - My grandma used to send me heart-shaped orange chocolates as a kid for Valentine's… Continue reading The best Valentine’s date ever

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10 things I’m thankful for

This Thanksgiving almost slipped right past me. Traveling across the country has left me scatterbrained, until I stepped into a grocery store and saw all of the pumpkin pie fillings and crusts.  Sean and I quickly succumbed to the store's Thanksgiving displays and grabbed all the classic ingredients we could find. This list grew to include a few pieces of… Continue reading 10 things I’m thankful for

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Food, family and more food – back in the Midwest!

Days 10 and 11 were spent catching up with my brother and his family in Missouri, along our trek through the Midwest as we leave Route 66 behind and divert towards Maryland.  This was a first for both of us in the state of Missouri, known as the heart of the country for its location smack… Continue reading Food, family and more food – back in the Midwest!

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When All We Have is Each Other: Day 8

Today was our biggest driving day yet, hitting the road from Albuquerque at 8:30 a.m. and pushing through until we got to Oklahoma City at 8 p.m. It was a long stretch much less about scenic sites and more about each other's company.  Everyone warned us that passing through Texas is the longest part, but I didn't… Continue reading When All We Have is Each Other: Day 8

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Going Back in Time: Day 6

Just as I'm documenting this journey through words and photos, today's trek from Flagstaff to Albuquerque was filled with stories documented from centuries ago, taking us back in time as we crossed the border from Arizona to New Mexico.  Whenever we look for places to eat, it's a guessing game of narrowing down dozens of 4-5 star… Continue reading Going Back in Time: Day 6

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The best of Hawaii dining: from breakfast to dessert

These are the places that have left an unforgettable impression on our taste buds, and in many cases, made my husband and I regulars at these must-try spots.  Best Breakfast: Crepes No Ka Oi This husband-and-wife owned spot in Kailua used to draw long lines out to the street for their famous Ultimate Breakfast Crepe, only available… Continue reading The best of Hawaii dining: from breakfast to dessert


Hawaii Dining: The Food Company

Rave Yelp reviews and recommendations from friends lured us to try The Food Co. located in Kailua's Enchanted Lake Shopping Center. My husband has been trying to take me here for a long time, but I always declined because I had assumed it was more of a catering company. While it does offer catering, there is quite the  little restaurant… Continue reading Hawaii Dining: The Food Company