What I’ve learned in three years of marriage

Three years – that’s it? As we looked at our approaching anniversary date, we thought this year’s celebration would be a higher number. Having a kid definitely catalyzes your relationship; It feels like we’ve been tied together far longer, but I suppose this feeling isn’t a bad one. We’re used to marriage by now. We have graduated the honeymoon phase and the notorious adjustment period that follows. We’re not new, we’re not old. We’re just … married.

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How happiness changes as I get older

In between slicing mangoes and toasting waffles – while making sure our collie isn’t stealing our labradoodle’s food like he always tries when I’m looking away –  I overhear on the morning news that it’s International Happiness Day!  My mind races to so many different thoughts on happiness. My baby boy is starting to whine out of impatience for the mangoes, and my dogs are … Continue reading How happiness changes as I get older

The one warning that we should be giving to expectant mothers

Thanks to Facebook’s “On This Day,” feature, I saw a blog I had written on this day one year ago countering all the negative warnings that people innocently give to expectant mothers, as if we are doomed for a life of “never agains.”  Continue reading “The one warning that we should be giving to expectant mothers”

A letter to our military child

When we got pregnant, my first thought was a blur of joy and shock. My second thought was to count through the nine months it would take to grow you to see if daddy would be home for your birth.  Continue reading “A letter to our military child”

A reason to stop chasing dreams

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I half-completed this daily writing challenge for November, but I have benefitted tremendously from what I did complete. I may not have gotten words out every day, but my goal was not so much meeting deadlines as it was developing my writing.  Continue reading “A reason to stop chasing dreams”