Distinguishing distractions from progress

I do a lot.

I’m raising two tiny humans and supporting my military husband’s career that picks up and moves our lives every few years in random corners of the country. Literally, we’ve gone from one corner to the other. Hawaii to Maryland to now Texas. Continue reading “Distinguishing distractions from progress”


Solo parenting in the military is underrated

I’m going to draw attention to something that most of us would never want attention to in the first place because 1) It’s doing what we have to do just like anyone else in this world, and 2) Single parenting is generally, probably, harder and we hate to even imply that we’re comparing.  Continue reading “Solo parenting in the military is underrated”

When home is exactly the break that you need

My husband and I moved here with one dog, a baby bump and no support system, and are leaving here with two dogs, two kids under three, and a village of hand-selected family. We have not, however, had a babysitter for the popular “first night out kid-free” milestone yet. And this has been by choice – one that is usually met with glares of shock. Continue reading “When home is exactly the break that you need”

I failed last year’s resolution and uncovered something better

I’m proud that I followed through with many of my resolutions for 2017 – well, most of them. My biggest goal was to minimize the clutter in my life, which has transformed our home. It has helped me cut down on wants vs. needs, find a style that I actually like – both in my closet and on our walls, and it has helped me in parenthood by knowing which types of toys are actually worth the splurge. Minimizing has helped me build a space that is full of things I love, period.  Continue reading “I failed last year’s resolution and uncovered something better”

What I didn’t know when I married the military

Our first duty station was Hawaii, and I gained so much from our time there. I was ambitious, young and impressionable. I was starting my career, pursuing this thing called love; I couldn’t have been in a better place for this chapter, where the community leads with Aloha – a powerful outlook that set me up for a more fulfilling, humble and connected life. Continue reading “What I didn’t know when I married the military”