Finding our best in the age of perfect parenting

My husband has no filter, and it’s one of the things I most love about him. We were driving in the car as a family the other weekend when I was taking advantage of this quality time to let him into my world of stay-at-home motherhood; Sharing the mental load is so important to bridge our otherwise drastically different roles. Continue reading “Finding our best in the age of perfect parenting”


Distinguishing distractions from progress

I do a lot.

I’m raising two tiny humans and supporting my military husband’s career that picks up and moves our lives every few years in random corners of the country. Literally, we’ve gone from one corner to the other. Hawaii to Maryland to now Texas. Continue reading “Distinguishing distractions from progress”

What I didn’t see coming about the first day of school

I have graduated so many parenting chapters in the last three years. Big ones, like childbirth, recovery – not once but twice. Newborn-hood, teething, colds, tummy bugs, crying, whining, tantrums, toddlerhood – you name it. Everything from “I need you to do everything for me” to “I need you to let me do it myself.” Yet none of it prepared me for what is next – my son’s first day of school.  Continue reading “What I didn’t see coming about the first day of school”

Empathy, like wisdom, comes in time

I just read one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve seen in a while: “To my friends who had kids before me, I’m sorry I didn’t know.”

It speaks such a raw and honest truth that most of us experience in the throes of childbirth and recovery, especially for those of us who are the first of our close circles to have children. That is, feeling alone in the growing pains of being born a mother. This feeling of isolation is exacerbated when our closest friends don’t know what to say or do because our struggles are just not relevant to them.  Continue reading “Empathy, like wisdom, comes in time”

Why I refuse to drive or dine with an iPad

We’ve done about five long road trips in the past two years that were seven hours plus, but our next big trip will top that to about 21 hours of driving. One of the most common pieces of advice we receive any time we share news of a long drive is to download apps and movies on the iPad. We don’t even own one.  Continue reading “Why I refuse to drive or dine with an iPad”

When home is exactly the break that you need

My husband and I moved here with one dog, a baby bump and no support system, and are leaving here with two dogs, two kids under three, and a village of hand-selected family. We have not, however, had a babysitter for the popular “first night out kid-free” milestone yet. And this has been by choice – one that is usually met with glares of shock. Continue reading “When home is exactly the break that you need”