Most of us are incredible parents, but we’d never know it

I’ve never had to be so opinionated until I became a mother; and at the same time, I’ve never encountered so little tolerance or empathy.

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On Parenthood: 9 months 

Nine months is a time that makes up for all the sleep-deprived newborn days. He is giving so much love and joy to us; we’re just trying to soak it all in before this phase passes as quickly as it came.  Continue reading “On Parenthood: 9 months “

You’re wrong: my dog is still my baby, too

*Photo by LuLuEdward Photo*

Today’s daily writing prompt begged the question, “What is the hardest or best lesson you’ve learned from having pets?”

My eyes lit up. I.LOVE.MY.DOG! I could write a novel on all the wonderful things he – and his predecessors who have furever left paw prints on my heart – have taught me about life. Animals are incredible beings who I refer to as Earth Angels. They teach us unconditional love, loyalty, strength, and so much more.  Continue reading “You’re wrong: my dog is still my baby, too”

What everyone told me about the 4th trimester that I ignored

I wanted to call this one of those  “What no one tells you” blogs, but that would be a lie, albeit catchy. Truthfully, everyone heeded me with their warnings on those first few months postpartum, otherwise known as the infamous fourth trimester – problem was, I was too pregnant to take note. I just wanted to get through the birth, allowing the aftermath to come naturally.  Continue reading “What everyone told me about the 4th trimester that I ignored”

5 things during pregnancy I would’ve done differently

There are a lot of bucket lists already out there for first time pregnant moms – but I found many of them overwhelming. Looking back, here are the simplest things I wish I would’ve done more of. Continue reading “5 things during pregnancy I would’ve done differently”

Moms: we are contradicting ourselves

Moms, we need each other. We need someone who understands what it is like to live on cold coffee and rows of oreos during breastfeeding binges. We need that person who we can text at 3 a.m. to keep us going through those late-night feedings, and who totally understands what we mean when we call our kids assholes without worrying that they will call Child Protective Services. We need each other because we get each other.  Continue reading “Moms: we are contradicting ourselves”